Online Payment Tips



1, the opening of bank card online payment procedures

For details, see shopping help, or contact our online customer service.

2, the maximum amount paid

At present the bank for online payment restrictions have a certain amount, because various banking policy, it is recommended that you apply online consultation related matters to the bank when the payment function.

3, how to judge the success of online payment?

  1. When you have completed on-line payment process, the system should prompt payment of success; if the system does not prompt payment failure or success, you can by telephone, atm, counter or login to online banking and other means bank card balance inquiries, if money has been deducted Online payment transaction should be successful, please be patient.
  2. If there is excess credit card overdraft, insufficient books balance, as a result of accidental disconnection payment is unsuccessful, please login Member Center, found that Zhang did not pay successful orders, re-complete the payment.

4, resulting in "pay Denied" What are the reasons?

  1. Held by bank card on-line payment function has not yet opened
  2. Held by the bank card has expired, invalid, report the loss;
  3. Held within the bank card balance is less;
  4. Enter your bank card number or password do not match;
  5. Enter the identification number does not match;
  6. The banking system of data transmission is abnormal;
  7. Network interruption