About us




On enterprise

As the founder of superior supermarket in Malaysia, Mix global sourcing team has developed in this industry for more than ten years since its foundation in 2005. The team has selected ten series in many countries with thousands of superior imported products, each of which is well sifted and detected to ensure that each product you buy is the most unique. For its large scale of purchasing, Mix enjoys the most favorable price. Besides, with the flat supply and marketing system and direct purchasing in the producing areas, we take Malaysia as the direct terminal of wholesale and retail by reducing intermediate links and surrender parts of profits to both consumers and collaborates by providing end-users import goods of excellent quality and reasonable price.
Our business covers selected unique flavor, hygiene snacks, casual desserts, office snacks, delicate drinks, etc. The materials of our products are well selected and the packing of our products are in clear categories, for example, we have both simple packing for convenient handling and luxury gift boxed packing. Our goods, due to the pure taste, unique flavor, various categories, excellent quality and reasonable price, can meet various requirements of different consumers.
We also have physical stores in different regions of Malaysia, in addition to our online stores, that is, you can buy our products in both online and local stores (click for address of practical stores in different regions).


On our team

Our team has gone through more than ten years which is not so long but full with continuous progress and exploration.

It’s always our dream and aim to create the best shopping platform of import goods in Malaysia so as to avail more people with products and information of higher quality and novelty, thus making shopping much more convenient and providing more young people with a meaningful career.
Though we cannot improve the whole society in a short period of time, we can share life and work, sorrow and happiness with the most excellent people. What’s more, we can protect and uphold our dream in the team.

Our mission: we hope we can create more honesty in life and provide each visitor with the freshest and superior products so as to reward consumers what they deserve and serve the society with our honesty forever.
We hope to combine the Internet with practical stores so as to develop with traditional industry side by side.
Our team members are most post-80s with working experience of many years and great achievements.
Our goal is to establish the top-ranking online shopping platform that will create value for Malaysia’s society and industries. Meanwhile, we also hope to treat each consumer wholeheartedly, making customers not only satisfied but also grateful.

Value of Mix!
Consumer first: Care what consumer concerns, provide them with products and services of absolute high quality and help them achieve more.

Teamwork: share weal and woe, accomplish more with the team regardless of individual interest.
Embracing changes: for breakthrough; for better changes
Passion: Never give up; stay positive
Honesty: honesty and integrity with promises
Dedication : accomplish extraordinary things with professional attitude and usual mentality
The young team will create new wealth in the era
The young team press forward with indomitable will and possess more ambitious goals with the same goal and values. As we dream, we aim.