Distribution Rules


 Recommend our store to encourage new users to register, to carry out the recommended register now divided into activities, which process is as follows:

1, the site gives you a referral code, sent to FACEBOOK, forum, blog or directly to your friends.
2, visitors click on the link to access the shop.
3, after the visitor clicks on a link, if the visitor is registered in the site, which finds that the user is recommended you, you will get reward points Level 2 (when your rank points over 60, no longer rewarded) .
4, the user in the future in all consumer site, you can get a certain percentage of commission. Currently the commission imposed a total order amount of 10%, 10% of the points allocated to you to recommend your persons.
5, the commission paid by the administrator manual review, please be patient.
6, you can view your presentation through into details, into the case.
Ratings Percentage distribution of cash into
Level 1 5%
Level 2 3%
Level 3 1%
Level 4 1%
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