The world's most spicy instant noodles TOP10


  This list is also written in The RAMEN RATER, since the last launch of the world's top ten best eating instant noodles, continue to last August, we launched the most spicy instant noodles Charting a new phase, and immediately attracted a large number spicy food lovers crowd, everyone wants to find their own share of fiery hot in this list, if you are a spicy afraid, if you are a non-spicy silver would not be happy, it had better follow this list each single taste, that will not let you down. 

Article 10: [Indonesia] produced Indomie Mi Goreng Rasa Cabe Ijo 

Indomie instant noodles is Indonesia's largest producer, produced more than 70% of the Indonesian market noodle station. 
This is similar to Lassa lo mein, which is equipped with spicy green pepper, green noodles unique and excellent taste, which is what I've seen so far the only one green pepper flavors of instant noodles. 

Article 9: [China] Jinmailang spicy beef noodles 

There are many Jinmailang beef noodle soup, spicy beef noodle soup invincible this spicy noodles are great, it tastes simply can be described as evil. 

Article 8: [Thailand] Namchow Mee Jang sour face muscles 

I like this one, if you do not look carefully, this looks like a happy chicken noodle instant noodles, but the appearance sometimes be deceiving. In fact, this super hot spicy chicken noodle soup, spicy it will melt in your mouth about the point. 

Article 7: [Malaysia] MyKuali Penang curry white surface 

The white surface of the noodle curry rich, abundant curry sauce, is one of the best eating instant noodles to eat curry, is also the first to be discharged into the list of Malaysian noodles, 

Article 6: [US] Nongshim Jinjja Jinjja Flamin 'Hot & Nutty Noodle Soup 


The ramen is very alarming, is a Korean dan dan noodles, pork soup is like inside, comes with peanut powder and sesame powder packets, previously available only in South Korea buy now because production in the United States, so the United States has also been oh! 

Article 5: [Indonesia] Indomie produced Curly Noodle With Chicken & Chilli Paddi 


This dry noodles really HOT, which the bird's eye chili spicy let you scratch to foot. 

Chapter 4: [South Korea] emart Dare You Habanero Jjamppong! 


The seafood noodles after eating the same as the province's fire, giant extremely spicy! 

Article 3: [South Korea] Paldo Teumsae Ramyun 


This spicy soup whose manufacturer Teumsae open a restaurant in Korea, and this is their signature spicy noodles. 

Chapter 2: [South Korea] Samyang Foods Buldalk Bokkeummyeon 


This spicy roast turkey noodles, in addition to HOT, soup and noodles themselves are extremely delicious! 

The first one: [South Korea] emart Dare You Habanero Ramyun! 


The noodles are reelected two years the world's most spicy instant noodles champion, no one can be spicy noodles over it. 

Read so many hot instant noodles, which one are you going to try to remember next time to prepare a cup of milk to eat, they are not so sad Oh!